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Get a super-fast internet connection of 100 Mbps in Lexington, Kentucky by Windstream.

    Lexington, KY, residents enjoy internet speeds of 100 Mbps. With Windstream High-Speed Internet you get:
  • Round the clock, 24/7 technical assistance from our U.S.-based professionals
  • No-long term commitment required
  • No capping of data used per month
  • Uploaded data is not counted
  • Money back guarantee for the first 30 days

WINDSTREAM INTERNET in Lexington, Kentucky

Experience Blazing-Fast Connectivity

Choose your favorite Windstream internet plans. Get the best offers from the best internet service provider in Lexington, Kentucky. Get more satisfaction from the affordable Windstream internet prices:


Speeds up to 15 Mbps

  • Ideal for web surfing
  • Perfect for other basic internet activities like checking emails
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Premium Plus Kinetic Internet

Speeds up to 100 Mbps

  • Great for downloading large file formats
  • Stream music, movies and play video games without having any lag issues whatsoever.
  • Download Gigabytes worth of files, movies and games in mere seconds.
  • Video chat with friends and family without interruptions
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Premium Kinetic Internet

Speeds up to 50 Mbps

  • Best for households with multiple devices that require an internet connection
  • Stream live TV or watch movies online on multiple devices simultaneously
  • Seamless internet speed allows you to conveniently download HD movies or complete music albums in just a few minutes
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Speeds up to 25 Mbps

  • Suitable for people who require a high speed internet connection but not want to spend more
  • Ideal for essential internet usage including listening to music online, watch TV shows/movies and send/receive images on your cellular devices
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Choose An Internet Plan That Is Perfect For You!

Whether you want to binge on the latest episodes of Stranger Things or watch the latest blockbuster movies online, with Windstream’s new Kinetic Internet packages you can get a superior quality service which is truly fast and trustworthy.

Now, keep all your cellular devices connected and enjoy watching movies, playing video games and downloading files online with Windstream’s blazing-fast 100 Mbps internet package in Lexington, Kentucky. Want to save more? Bundle your internet services with Windstream’s home phone and TV services.


Redefined Connectivity

    For the best internet service in Lexington, KY, choose the leading network communication provider. Windstream offers you 100 Mbps of internet downloading speeds, one of the fastest internet service providers in Lexington, KY.
  • Faster Internet
  • More Reliable Connections
  • For Both Residential & Small Business Customers
  • Serving More Communities

Windstream Kinetic in Lexington Kentucky

When choosing internet in Lexington, KY, always go for ultra-fast internet speeds and reliable internet connections. Choose Windstream internet deals for the best packages and services. Windstream prices are affordable and match your requirements perfectly. Windstream internet service offers you the best satisfaction through faster internet speeds of 100 Mbps along with 24/7 customer support.

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